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Re: Schema Replication and data replication.

--On Monday, August 12, 2013 10:56 AM -0500 espeake@oreillyauto.com wrote:

I understand what your are pointing in the location of the where the
modules are being loaded.  The only modules that I find on the system like
back_hdb are found at usr/lib/ldap.  I have done a find on the entire
system and find no other module files.  The date on all of the files is
June 20th @14:36.  Including the mappings/links.

I did not change any defaults and performed just the most basic of builds
of the deb package.  I'm not sure where to put it to at this point.

Well, I have no idea what options you used to configure. But if you don't build modules, then there won't be any to install. The fact that your slapd is still reporting 2.4.28 would also indicate you've not yet actually installed your build anywhere.

For example, I have:

       --enable-dynamic \
       --enable-slapd \
               --enable-modules \
       --enable-backends=mod \
               --disable-shell \
               --disable-sql \
               --disable-bdb \
               --disable-ndb \
       --enable-overlays=mod \



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