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Re: Goofy RedHat Problem

John Klein wrote:

To put it more clearly: it's entirely understandable for distros to be a few versions behind for the reasons you cite. It's inexcusable for them to be /two and a half years/ behind[0], especially /because/ so much other software depends on things like OpenLDAP to function properly. Stability is not a strict linear progression with age - it's more like a parabolic curve.

And I'd like to add that it's nearly impossible for OSS developers to maintain old versions and give support for each and every outdated release ever made in combination with each and every version of all other software used. I'm pretty sure that the time is more worthful spent improving the code, releasing fixed versions.

If other software is relying on OpenLDAP the authors are also in charge of keeping up with current OpenLDAP development. Yes, I have to myself (e.g. with python-ldap and web2ldap).

Since especially Red Hat is a commercial driven distribution you should blame them for not working on it to keep the software they *distribute* up to date. Remember: That's what Linux distributions are for and some charge money for this...

Ciao, Michael.

P.S.: Most problems I'm facing with supporting web2ldap and python-ldap are caused by people using pre-built RPMs not tested by the "distributor"...