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Goofy RedHat Problem

Hi all.

I'm hoping someone has seen something like this and
can give me a pointer or two on resolving this

I have a functioning (I think) OpenLDAP server version
2.0.23 on a RedHat 9 server.

The data for the LDAP directory needs to be imported
from an LDIF file. I have successfully done the LDIF
import with slapadd. NOTE: slapd.conf is configured
the same as the server that originally did the LDIF

Then I start the LDAP service via the init.d script
and all is well until I attempt to do an ldapsearch.
Here nothing is returned. It's like the slapadd didn't

So I decided to start slapd from the command line via:

[root]#/usr/sbin/slapd -f /etc/openldap/slapd.conf

Once I did this the ldapsearch returned all the data
that I expected.

So to recap ldapsearch only works when the ldap server
is started manually at the command line. The unaltered
init.d script that was installed with the RPM  starts
the service but ldapsearch fails to retrieve any data.

I've lost some hair over this one. Any help is


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