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Re: Goofy RedHat Problem

* Michael Ströder (michael@stroeder.com) [040706 10:26]:
> Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> >
> >in this case, skolelinux is a debian stable based distro for
> >schools. debian stable ships 2.0.X. there is no trivial way out
> >of that.
> It's the distro's fault to still ship 2.0.
> 2.0 is not maintained anymore for ages.

i have heard that argument before. it does not mean one can share
one`s knowledge about problems and help each other.

> > right now we work on the more up-to-date sarge (testing)
> > based version, which comes with openldap 2.1.X.
> 2.1 has also almost reached end of life-cycle.

with the bdb backend problem fixed only a  few month ago it als
has reached stability and usability, too. it would be cool if 2.2
reached that stage before 2.1 was depreciated and one gets
bothered with these kind of unhelpfull answers when one runs into
(upgrade) problems.