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Re: Ldap logs accounting

Hello Michael,

That's what I am looking for.
I am trying to install it on Debian lenny.

But It seems that I don't all the requirements on debian :
python version is 2.5.2-15
pyasn and pyasn1_modules is version 0.0.8a-1
python-ldapon debian is version 2.3.5-1
pyweblib-1.3.8 doesn't exist on debian as a package,

I am not really familiar with python so it seems a bit hard to setup
it for me (I mean compile the lib).

Do you know if anyone achieve to install it on Debian?



2011/10/6 Michael Ströder <michael@stroeder.com>:
> Hugo Deprez wrote:
>> Does anyone know a software such as a web interface, which will be
>> able to read the data from the accesslog base and display them in a
>> more friendly way ?
> My web2ldap does that. There's a default config section for accesslog-DB. If
> the naming context of your accesslog DB is other than cn=accesslog you can
> simply tweak the DN in the config.
> Features:
> 1. Custom search form (based on configurable HTML template).
> 2. Configurable HTML template snippets for search results.
> 3. Furthermore when displaying a single entry within a naming context which
> has the auditContext attribute set the context menu on the right shows two
> links for directly searching all (write) operations on that entry.
> 4. The [ConnInfo] part shows links to search your own operations in the
> accesslog DB (based on the current bind-DN).
> Unfortunately I don't know a public OpenLDAP server with slapo-accesslog
> publicly enabled. But feel free to access your own server via the web2ldap demo:
> http://web2ldap.de/demo.html
> Ciao, Michael.