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Re: Ldap logs accounting

Hugo Deprez wrote:
> That's what I am looking for.
> I am trying to install it on Debian lenny.
> But It seems that I don't all the requirements on debian :
> python version is 2.5.2-15
> pyasn and pyasn1_modules is version 0.0.8a-1
> python-ldapon debian is version 2.3.5-1
> pyweblib-1.3.8 doesn't exist on debian as a package,

It seems to me Python support is way behind on Debian. Bad luck...

But unfortunately no Linux distribution ships with python-ldap 2.4.x at the
moment. If one wants to stick to pre-compiled packages easiest option is
Windows. ;-)

This is rather off-topic here. In this particular case you can e-mail me
personally to get further hints about how to install web2ldap.

Ciao, Michael.