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Re: Ldap logs accounting

Hugo Deprez wrote:
> Does anyone know a software such as a web interface, which will be
> able to read the data from the accesslog base and display them in a
> more friendly way ?

My web2ldap does that. There's a default config section for accesslog-DB. If
the naming context of your accesslog DB is other than cn=accesslog you can
simply tweak the DN in the config.


1. Custom search form (based on configurable HTML template).

2. Configurable HTML template snippets for search results.

3. Furthermore when displaying a single entry within a naming context which
has the auditContext attribute set the context menu on the right shows two
links for directly searching all (write) operations on that entry.

4. The [ConnInfo] part shows links to search your own operations in the
accesslog DB (based on the current bind-DN).

Unfortunately I don't know a public OpenLDAP server with slapo-accesslog
publicly enabled. But feel free to access your own server via the web2ldap demo:


Ciao, Michael.