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Re: Unable to create home directory (LDAP Authentication)

On Thursday, 6 October 2011 08:14:40 vijay s sheelavantar wrote:
> Hi,I am sorry for the inconvenience caused due to the unreadable
> format. On fedora I don't have this file. /etc/pam.d/common-session.
> Below logs for your reference.
> in the log file /var/log/messages i found the following error
> Oct  6 13:37:56 localhost setroubleshoot: SELinux is preventing sshd
> (sshd_t) "write" to ./home (home_root_t). For complete SELinux messages.
> run sealert -l ecdf3def-df6e-4d5b-851b-4e9bf155e57d and in the log file
> /var/log/secure below error found.

Did you do what the error message told you to do?

However, while (on RHEL6) there is a 'samba_create_home_dirs' SElinux boolean, 
there doesn't seem to be one for ssh (but with SELinux enabled, ssh can create 
home dirs here IIRC).

You may want to file a bug with your distribution. And then turn SELinux off 
if you don't absolutely require it.