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Re: Not getting Password expiry message

On Wednesday, 5 October 2011 18:57:43 pradyumna dash wrote:
> Hi,
> I have setted up ppolicy schema for password handling, its working fine
> except am not getting the password expiry message.
> Is it a known issue or am doing something wrong. am using OpenLDAP 2.4 on
> SLES 11 SP1
> Please suggest.

Most likely a pam configuration problem.

Test with ldapwhoami (please see man page, read thoroughly to see what other 
options you need) with -e ppolicy option. If this shows your password needs to 
be changed, pam should do so if configured correctly.

So, please supply pam_ldap and pam configuration.

If you can't resolve, you may want to supply your password policies and slapd 
configuration too.