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Re: DN question

Kós Tamás wrote:
I want to achieve achieve two things. Extend DN (if possible) to
mail+cn attributes

Try ldapmodrdn command-line tool: ldapmodrdn [options] "CN=Gipsz Jakab" "CN=Gipsz Jakab+mail=user@domain"

Not sure whether Domino/LDAP allows multi-valued RDNs though.

to use ldapmodify to add certificate for the user.

Use ldapmodify with LDIF like this:

------------------------ snip ------------------------
dn: CN=Gipsz Jakab
changetype: modify
add: userCertificate;binary
userCertificate;binary:: [..base64-encoded binary DER data of certificate..]

------------------------ snip ------------------------

Ciao, Michael.