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Re: DN question

Kós Tamás wrote:

This is the output of the command:

xxx:~/ldap # ldapmodify -xv -h xxx.xx.hu -D "CN=xx,OU=xx,O=xx" -w
password -f ./gipsz_giro.ldif
ldap_initialize( ldap://lx3.cnw.hu )
add usercertificate;binary:
        NOT ASCII (1384 bytes)
modifying entry "uid=gjakab,CN=Gipsz Jakab"
modify complete
ldap_modify: No such object (32)
Ldif file:

dn: uid=gjakab,CN=Gipsz Jakab

This simply means the entry uid=gjakab,CN=Gipsz Jakab does not exist.

Frankly judging from your questions so far you should probably do some basic reading about LDAP and its data and functional model. It does not make much sense to teach you all this here on the mailing list stumbling from one improperly described issue to another.

Ciao, Michael.