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Re: DN question

>> Command:
>> ldapsearch -xv -h <server> -D "<authentication>" -w xxxx uid=gjakab
> "uid=gjakab,CN=Gipsz Jakab" does not exist.
>> # Gipsz Jakab
>> dn: CN=Gipsz Jakab
> Is this the full DN? So it's simply "CN=Gipsz Jakab".
Yes, this is the full DN, because the person not registered to Domino
directory, just added to the secondary directory.
>> objectclass: dominoPerson
> Hmm, since this is Domino/LDAP I'd expect to see the Domino domain name in
> the DN above.
You couldn't see, you can see the answer is described above.
>> So, the user is exists.
> But not with DN "uid=gjakab,CN=Gipsz Jakab".
>> How can I use its e-mail address for modifying this or another user?
> Sorry, I don't understand what you really want to achieve. If you want to
> rename the user entry "CN=Gipsz Jakab" to "uid=gjakab,CN=Gipsz Jakab" you
> have to send a rename (aka modrdn) request to the server. But IIRC in
> Domino/LDAP the DN is derived from the hierarchical Notes name. So I doubt
> you can simply rename the entry via LDAP. You have to test that.
I want to achieve achieve two things. Extend DN (if possible) to
mail+cn attributes to use ldapmodify to add certificate for the user.
We don't have hierarchical names.

> Maybe you should rather try to experiment with a decent GUI LDAP client
> which guides you which input is needed for an operation.
Thanks, I will try the jXplorer.
> Ciao, Michael.

Best regards,

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