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Re: DN question

Kós Tamás wrote:
This simply means the entry uid=gjakab,CN=Gipsz Jakab does not exist.

Frankly judging from your questions so far you should probably do some basic
reading about LDAP and its data and functional model. It does not make much
sense to teach you all this here on the mailing list stumbling from one
improperly described issue to another.

Thanks for your kindly advice, Micheal. The problem is the user is exists. I would like to know why can not find him the query...

ldapsearch -xv -h <server> -D "<authentication>" -w xxxx uid=gjakab

"uid=gjakab,CN=Gipsz Jakab" does not exist.

# Gipsz Jakab
dn: CN=Gipsz Jakab

Is this the full DN? So it's simply "CN=Gipsz Jakab".

objectclass: dominoPerson

Hmm, since this is Domino/LDAP I'd expect to see the Domino domain name in the DN above.

So, the user is exists.

But not with DN "uid=gjakab,CN=Gipsz Jakab".

How can I use its e-mail address for modifying this or another user?

Sorry, I don't understand what you really want to achieve. If you want to rename the user entry "CN=Gipsz Jakab" to "uid=gjakab,CN=Gipsz Jakab" you have to send a rename (aka modrdn) request to the server. But IIRC in Domino/LDAP the DN is derived from the hierarchical Notes name. So I doubt you can simply rename the entry via LDAP. You have to test that.

Maybe you should rather try to experiment with a decent GUI LDAP client which guides you which input is needed for an operation.

Ciao, Michael.