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Re: AW: Caching queries


"Kick, Claus" <claus.kick@siemens.com> writes:

> Hello everyone,
>>Could you be a bit more specific about your requirements?
> You are right, I should have been. We are using OpenLDAP to manage a
> lot of users for a huge CMS. The ldap server runs on localhost.  After
> an OS + hardware + ldap server upgrade (we used Netscape Directory
> Server 4.16 before), the whole CMS was very slow and from what we have
> deduced, there is no ldap query caching going on. So this might in
> part be responsible (there are *a lot of* ldap queries).

In fact you may configure the backend (back-bdb) and the frontend

>>Although pcache can be attached to any backend, it only makes sense
>>when connecting to a remote server, that is either back-ldap,
>>back-meta and back-mysql.
> Okay, so pcache does not really help in our case for we do not have an
> ldap server behind the ldap server, right?

> So, what else can we do? Tony Earnshaw posted about connection
> caching, how is that enabled? I must be too blind to find it. :(

man slapd-bdb(5), configuration parameters cachesize, idlcachesize,
shm_key, dncachesize (openldap-2.4 only) and proper DB_CONFIG
cachesize settings.


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