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Re: Caching queries

On Friday 08 February 2008 08:24:44 Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> Kick, Claus skrev, on 07-02-2008 15:40:
> > how can I check whether caching queries and so on works?
> Works on what? In recent versions of OpenLDAP query caching isn't
> possible, only connection caching.


SLAPO-PCACHE(5)                                                SLAPO-PCACHE(5)

       slapo-pcache - proxycache overlay


       The  pcache  overlay to slapd(8) allows caching of LDAP search requests
       (queries) in a local database.  For an incoming query, the proxy  cache
       determines its corresponding template. If the template was specified as
       cacheable using the proxytemplate directive and  the  request  is  conâ
       tained  in a cached request, it is answered from the proxy cache.  Othâ
       erwise, the search is performed as usual and cacheable  search  results
       are saved in the cache for use in future queries.


Or, are you implying that pcache is broken in 2.3.3x (I don't use it myself).