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AW: Caching queries

Hello everyone,

>Could you be a bit more specific about your requirements?

You are right, I should have been. We are using OpenLDAP to manage a lot of users for a huge CMS. The ldap server runs on localhost.
After an OS + hardware + ldap server upgrade (we used Netscape Directory Server 4.16 before), the whole CMS was very slow and from what we have
deduced, there is no ldap query caching going on. So this might in part be responsible (there are *a lot of* ldap queries).

>Although pcache can be attached to any backend, it only makes sense
>when connecting to a remote server, that is either back-ldap,
>back-meta and back-mysql.

Okay, so pcache does not really help in our case for we do not have an ldap server behind the ldap server, right?

So, what else can we do? Tony Earnshaw posted about connection caching, how is that enabled? I must be too blind to find it. :(

> On a side note: Is there some hint book out there what indeces to use depending on what queries are being received?

You may run debugging mode pcache, but if you insist on a book:

Ah, I will look into that.

Dieter Klünter | Systemberatung