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Re: AW: Caching queries

On Monday 11 February 2008 11:32:58 Kick, Claus wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> >Could you be a bit more specific about your requirements?
> You are right, I should have been. We are using OpenLDAP to manage a lot of
> users for a huge CMS. The ldap server runs on localhost. After an OS +
> hardware + ldap server upgrade (we used Netscape Directory Server 4.16
> before), the whole CMS was very slow and from what we have deduced, there
> is no ldap query caching going on.

So, you want to use a cache on the same server to cache queries that can 
already be answered by that server?

> So this might in part be responsible 
> (there are *a lot of* ldap queries).

How many is *a lot of* ?

My production servers peak at over 400 operations/second, with a load average 
peaking at 2 (CPUs still 80% idle) on 3-year old hardware. I have benchmarked 
(very simple ones) over 10 000 searches/sec, and Howard has been benchmarking 
over 50 000 authentications/second.

So ... I doubt you need a separate cache, you probably need better tuning.