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Re: AW: Solaris 10 OpenLDAP server message:

On Monday 11 February 2008 11:35:37 Kick, Claus wrote:
> Ok. I do not understand that warning/error. What does it actually mean?
> Is the ldap library wrong? Is slapd configured incorrectly? Has it been
> compiled incorrectly?

If OpenLDAP slapd is reporting an error message from the Sun LDAP library, 
something is very wrong. OpenLDAP's slapd needs to be compiled against the 
OpenLDAP LDAP library (the one that ships with the source code to slapd). 
This is usually taken care of by the build process (the libraries are built 
first, and then all the binaries are linked against them).

There are even issues at times if OpenLDAP's slapd is compiled against an 
older version of the OpenLDAP LDAP libraries (which I have seen on occasion 
due to broken libtool's etc.).