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RE: dynlist how to

>> I'm really missing something: you configure slapo-dynlist with
>> overlay dynlist
>> dynlist-attrset  groupOfURLs memberURL member
>> this means that the entryDN (i.e. the DN) of each entry matching the
>> search URI should be added to the group entry as "member" (the last
>> to the dynlist-attrset).  Can you confirm that?  I also note that
>> 2.3.30 there have been quite a few bug fixes in slapo-dynlist(5); can
>> you confirm the unexpected behavior with 2.3.40?
>Yes is what I need, a list of member attributes with the DN value.
>May be you are true I suspect also the debian version, particulary the 
>client library.
>I upgrade this night and give you a follow up

Looking at the manpage, it looks like if you want to populate the member
attribute with dn's, you leave the attribute in the ldap url blank.

memberURL: ldap:///ou=People,dc=example,dc=com??sub?(objectClass=person)



"The  value  <member-ad>  is  optional;  if  present, the overlay
 behaves as a dynamic group: this attribute will list the	DN  of
 the  entries  resulting from the internal search.  In this case,
 the <attrs> portion of the URI must be absent, and  the  DNs  of
 all  the	entries  resulting  from  the expansion of the URI are
 listed as values of this attribute."

Granted, I'm looking at the man page for 2.4 and you are running 2.3,
but I'm assuming the behaviour hasn't changed that much between these
versions (I could be wrong).

 - Jeff