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Re: dynlist how to

Guy Deleeuw wrote:
> Hello,
> Many thanks for your respons.
>> "dn" is not a valid attribute type.  You need to specify "entryDN" (RFC
>> 5020).
>> p.
> But no changes with :
> ldap:///br=Internal,o=Eurofer,c=be?entryDN?sub?(uid=*)
> root@nova:~# ldapsearch -x -LLL -b
> "ou=dynUsers,ou=users,ou=portal,ou=Extranet,ou=Exo,o=Eurofer,c=be" -s
> base "memberURL=*"
> dn: ou=dynUsers,ou=users,ou=portal,ou=Extranet,ou=Exo,o=Eurofer,c=be
> objectClass: groupOfURLs
> cn: dynUsers
> ou: dynUsers
> memberURL: ldap:///br=Internal,o=Eurofer,c=be?entryDN?sub?(uid=*)

I'm really missing something: you configure slapo-dynlist with

overlay dynlist
dynlist-attrset  groupOfURLs memberURL member

this means that the entryDN (i.e. the DN) of each entry matching the
search URI should be added to the group entry as "member" (the last arg
to the dynlist-attrset).  Can you confirm that?  I also note that since
2.3.30 there have been quite a few bug fixes in slapo-dynlist(5); can
you confirm the unexpected behavior with 2.3.40?


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