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Re: dynlist how to

Clowser, Jeff (Contractor) wrote:

> Looking at the manpage, it looks like if you want to populate the member
> attribute with dn's, you leave the attribute in the ldap url blank.
> i.e.:
> memberURL: ldap:///ou=People,dc=example,dc=com??sub?(objectClass=person)
> not
> memberURL:
> ldap:///ou=People,dc=example,dc=com?entryDN?sub?(objectClass=person)
> "The  value  <member-ad>  is  optional;  if  present, the overlay
>  behaves as a dynamic group: this attribute will list the	DN  of
>  the  entries  resulting from the internal search.  In this case,
>  the <attrs> portion of the URI must be absent, and  the  DNs  of
>  all  the	entries  resulting  from  the expansion of the URI are
>  listed as values of this attribute."
> Granted, I'm looking at the man page for 2.4 and you are running 2.3,
> but I'm assuming the behaviour hasn't changed that much between these
> versions (I could be wrong).

Correct; but, as far as I can tell, when the "member-ad" arg is present,
its population with the DN of entries matching the search occurs
regardless of any attrs in the URI, which are ignored.  So I really
don't understand what's happening in Guy's case.


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