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Slapd running out of file descriptors (leak?)

  I have OpenLDAP 2.3.27, Redhat 5 package, and it's running out of file
descriptors suddendly. It's works fine a few days, but runs out of FDs
and the the solution is restart.

  I think It's a bug, because see the following weird thing with lsof:

slapd   19157 ldap  303u  sock                0,5          193051928 can't
identify protocol

The file descriptors from 159 up to 4094 are like that. Under normal
operations I don't see FDs like these, only have 100 FDs aprox in the rush

I don't have any interesting in the log and this is not a file descriptor
limit problem.


Diego Woitasen
XTECH - Soluciones Linux para empresas
(54) 011 5219-0678