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Re: some questions about syncrepl

--On October 9, 2007 8:44:51 PM +0200 Tony Earnshaw <tonni@hetnet.nl> wrote:

Quanah Gibson-Mount skrev, on 09-10-2007 18:56:


While I'm glad it is working for you, I ran into problems using
delta-syncrepl in all releases prior to 2.3.35, and even then, I had to
substantially patch it with bits from 2.3.36, just the way in which
they'd show up differed.  Hence things like ITS#4904, ITS#4813,
ITS#4720, ITS#4977 all of which were fixed after 2.3.33.  So how robust
your setup actually is vs your perception can be very different things.
I.e., you knowingly put yourself and your community at risk by running
the release you are using.

"Yes, there's a reason I'm sticking to 2.3.33 on the provider for the time being."

Now what could that be? (Hint: I've written about it before, but all you
could comment was, that you required proof. Whilst I'm running a
production machine, required to be up 24x7x52).

Which is what I was running as well. And it wasn't working. I'm simply pointing out that although it is working for you at *this* moment, there's no guarantee it'll work in the next, because it could hit any of those known issues at any given time. You are, essentially, playing russian roulette. But, as you note, it is your head and their platter. ;)



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