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Re: some questions about syncrepl

Quanah Gibson-Mount a Ãcrit :
> --On Friday, October 05, 2007 4:20 PM +0200 Guillaume Rousse
> <Guillaume.Rousse@inria.fr> wrote:
>> Guillaume Rousse a Ãcrit :
>>> Hello.
>>> I'm trying to follow change propagations errors using delta-synrepl in
>>> search & persist mode, by using an accesslog overlay both on master and
>>> on slaves.
>> About the error themselves, I clearly see changes commited in the master
>> (version 2.3.27) not being propagated to one of the slave (version
>> 2.3.27 also), whereas propagated to the second slave (version 2.3.34),
>> by examining the access log on both slaves.
> See the fixes since 2.3.27, and see my earlier reply about the major
> flaws in your sites policies.
I saw, that's also why I'm trying to identify what's the exact problem
I'm facing, which is quite difficult (I just found log level 16384 seems
to be what i need, tough). I'd rather not upgrade just because 'it might
eventually solve the issue'.

And you didn't replied to my actual question: among the four kind of
syncrepl usage (delta vs total, search and persist vs refresh only), are
some of them more robust than others ?
Guillaume Rousse
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