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some questions about syncrepl


I'm trying to follow change propagations errors using delta-synrepl in
search & persist mode, by using an accesslog overlay both on master and
on slaves. I've a few questions for which I didn't found answer in the

First, I noticed than changes on the slaves seems to be written from
rootdn, not from the dn declared in the syncrepl directive, which seems
to be only used on the master, meaning I don't need any specific ACL on
the slave. Is this correct ?

Second, I have several slaves synchronizing on the same master. From
slapd.conf man page, rid is supposed to be unique in the consumer only,
meaning all my slaves can safely use the same rid (easier for
maintaining centralized configurations). Is this correct interpretation ?

Third, I noticed a lot of errors correction for syncrepl in openldap
changelog. As I can't easily change installed versions (our policy is to
stick with our distribution provided package, meaning a mix of 2.3.27
and 2.3.34), am I correct assuming 'refresh only' mode is less fragile
than 'refresh & persist' mode, and than total synchronisation is also
less fragile than delta synchronisation, if I need to fallback on a
safer mode ?
Guillaume Rousse
Moyens Informatiques - INRIA Futurs
Tel: 01 69 35 69 62