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Re: some questions about syncrepl

--On Tuesday, October 09, 2007 9:30 AM +0200 Guillaume Rousse <Guillaume.Rousse@inria.fr> wrote:

I saw, that's also why I'm trying to identify what's the exact problem
I'm facing, which is quite difficult (I just found log level 16384 seems
to be what i need, tough). I'd rather not upgrade just because 'it might
eventually solve the issue'.

And you didn't replied to my actual question: among the four kind of
syncrepl usage (delta vs total, search and persist vs refresh only), are
some of them more robust than others ?

delta-syncrepl has been the most stable for me, although I believe the final issue I had seen in normal syncrepl will be fixed in the upcoming 2.3.39 release. What I'm trying to point out to you, is that several *known problems* with both syncrepl and delta-syncrepl have been fixed since the 2.3.27 release. No developer is going to want to waste the time trying to help you with an issue that's likely already solved, and certainly the symptoms you've described remind me of issues I had in past releases.



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