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Re: Logging question

Ski Kacoroski wrote:
Howard Chu wrote:

1. Comment out the accesslog overlay configuration until you create the base object in the log databases or else slapd crashes

Which version of OpenLDAP did that? The accesslog overlay will create the log's base object automatically on startup.

I am using 2.3.20. I have it working now. I think it may have been because my rootdn was not set correctly.

Probably. There have been some important bug fixes in accesslog since 2.3.20, but I can't see anything directly related to fixing any crashes. Still, it's worthwhile to upgrade to 2.3.24.

3. Do not use the subordinate option on the main dc=nsd,dc=org database. When I did this, the main database log picked up all the activity on the hosts database. The downside to not using the subordinate option is that I cannot do a recursive search from dc=nsd,dc=org into the ou=hosts branch (this is fine with me). It is interesting though that if do:

See the note in slapd.conf(5) about ordering of the overlays (at the subordinate keyword). If you exchange the order then the accesslog will only affect a single database, and not the entire glued tree.

Hmmm, I am still missing something here. I changed the ordering with the overlay glue option and I still get almost duplicate (only the reqEnd time is slightly different) entries in both log databases when I search create or search for entries in ou=hosts,dc=nsd,dc=org. It does work the other way (e.g. if I search ou=people,dc=nsd,dc=org, I do not get an entry in the ou=hosts,dc=nsd,dc=org log database).

Interesting. Actually with the default ordering it works about as well as it's going to. Any subtree search from the top database will generate log records in both databases since the subtree search is propagated all the way down. But anything else that only affects a single entry will only generate logs in one place or the other.

slapd.conf is:

database        hdb
suffix          "ou=Hosts,dc=nsd,dc=org"
overlay accesslog
logdb   "cn=nsdhostslog"
logops  all

database hdb suffix "dc=nsd,dc=org" ... overlay glue

So you ought to be able to delete that "overlay glue" line and just use the default ordering. But again, this depends on some bug fixes that are still broken in 2.3.20.

overlay dynlist
dynlist-attrset groupOfURLs memberURL member
overlay accesslog
logdb   "cn=nsdlog"
logops  all

Thanks for your help and time.


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