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Re: Inconsistent duplicate attributeType

>  line 16: Inconsistent duplicate attributeType: "gidNumber"
> Why?
> my full schema:
> attributetype ( NAME 'gidNumber'

Because gidNumber is multiply defined. You can use grep or a similar tool
to find it in nis.schema as ships with OpenLDAP:

# builtin
#attributetype ( NAME 'uidNumber'
#       DESC 'An integer uniquely identifying a user in an administrative domain'
#       EQUALITY integerMatch

Now, this might be a bit deceptive because it appears to be commented out.
However the leading "# builtin" is key. This is a clue that you can find
the definition in the source file servers/slapd/schema_prep.c. Sure
enough, you will find uidNumber there, so you may not redefine it. I'd
suggest either (a) finding a unique namespace for your application or (b)
considering if the standards-compliant definition of 'uidNumber' is
suitable for your application.

You can debug config processing, including schema, with "slaptest -d
config". Unfortunately this will not show you the built-ins from
schema_prep.c, but those are easy enough to find once you know where to