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Re: Logging question

On 6/13/06, Ski Kacoroski <ckacoroski@nsd.org> wrote:

How do folks handle logging and debugging on a busy ldap server without
being able to filter the logs into different files.  In particular, I
have a server that holds both machine and account data.  The machine
data is updated quite often via a cron job run on the machines
(cfengine) and swamps what is happening from the user side.  My first
approach was to separate out the machine logs into another file, but I
could find nothing to filter on.  My second attempt is to put the user
data and machine data into two different machines, but this is a waste
of resources as a single machine can easily handle the load.  As near as
I can tell, separate databases on the same machine will not help out
either.  So I am wondering what other folks do for debugging on busy
machines - e.g. how do you filter the logs so you can see the part you
are interested in).

I parse the logs into a hash of hashes of arrays with perl and then get the info I need. In your case, you would probably have to split that hash of hashes of arrays into an even more complex data structure.

Or you could look into the access log overlay.  :)