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Re: Logging question

Howard Chu wrote:
matthew sporleder wrote:
On 6/13/06, Ski Kacoroski <ckacoroski@nsd.org> wrote:
Or you could look into the access log overlay.  :)

That may be a good solution. Define two separate log databases, and separate the machine and user data into two databases, using subordinates to glue them together. Use an accesslog overlay on each main database, logging to separate log databases.

Of course, the info in the accesslog may not be detailed enough for debugging purposes. You'll have to review the log schema and decide for yourself if it's adequate for your needs.

Matthew & Howard,

Thanks very much for your replies. I will check into this tomorrow. Is the documentation for this in the source code or somewhere else. I did not see much in the FAQ. Any more pointers on getting this working would be great.

This sounds much better than what I was looking at. I took a quick look at the code and was thinking that I could modify the o_log_prefix in connection.c to put in a string with the database directory (e.g. the string would be NSD if the database directory was /var/openldap/NSD). This way any access to the NSD database would show up in the logs as NSD conn=... Not sure if this makes sense for multiple databases.



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