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Re: Re[4]: openldap-server-2.2.29: multimaster support

On Lun 21 novembre 2005 17:28, John Madden wrote:
>> Some of your customers may have been tricked into believing they need
>> LB.  If you mean LB on writes, that IS PURE NONSENSE.  The number of
>> writes on each of the servers (either masters or slaves) will ever be
>> the same no matter how many write entry points you provide (unless you
>> believe replication writes are inexpensive; they are not).  If you mean
>> LB on reads, I don't see how so-called multimaster could help you there
>> more than a single master with an appropriate number of slaves can.
> And furthermore, load-balancing clients across slaves isn't technically
> correct --
> two clients can still pull different versions of the same object at the
> same time
> if they hit two different slaves (that's what multi-master is "supposed"
> to fix).

It is exactly the problem that some of my customers have.  Some poorly
written clients try to read an entry just after writting it and don't find
it because it has still not been replicated.  Multi-master here is not
only a performance problem.

Raphael Ouazana.