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Re: Re[4]: openldap-server-2.2.29: multimaster support

On Mon, 2005-11-21 at 17:02 +0100, RaphaÃl Ouazana-Sustowski wrote:
> On Lun 21 novembre 2005 16:35, John Madden wrote:
> >> Ok, so syncrepl does not seem to be a good idea in the case of two
> >> masters
> >> in different places.  What about the case of two load-balanced masters?
> >> Will syncrepl garantee that the data are the same on the two master? Or
> >> is
> >> it just as old multimaster code: it push (in fact pull) the
> >> modifications
> >> and does not check that the master's state is like the other's?
> >
> > Ask yourself: Do you really, seriously need load balancing?  Or are you
> > thinking
> > that you need load balancing when what you really need is HA?
> Some of my customers do.  I agree HA is sufficient in most cases.  But
> load balancing is needed in some cases and IMHO simplier to configure in
> every cases.

Some of your customers may have been tricked into believing they need
LB.  If you mean LB on writes, that IS PURE NONSENSE.  The number of
writes on each of the servers (either masters or slaves) will ever be
the same no matter how many write entry points you provide (unless you
believe replication writes are inexpensive; they are not).  If you mean
LB on reads, I don't see how so-called multimaster could help you there
more than a single master with an appropriate number of slaves can.


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