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Re: Rename attribute before return

> So to treat it another way, could I have a fake DIT that is used to
> return massaged data?
> In other words, instead worrying about the binddn or the requestor at
> all, have a cn=accounts-2 and when a request is made from cn=accounts-2,
> have OpenLDAP look up the entry in cn=accounts and then do some regex or
> other alterations before returning the entry?

Yes.  See my answer to Quanah's message for instructions.  By using
back-ldap, with OpenLDAP 2.2 you can have a virtual view of the real
database, with attribute names and objectClasses remapped.  If you use a
different host for the proxy, and force those clients that require the
"massaged" view to use it, you can use the same naming context, without
even the need to use this cn=accounts-2; otherwise, if you want the
virtual database to be served by the same slapd, you'll need to change the
naming context.


Pierangelo Masarati

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