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Re: Rename attribute before return

The first question is if you can do the rewrite at all. slapo-rwm comes to
mind as a possibility here, although there may be other ways to do it (and
slapo-rwm might not be appropriate in your situation).

The second question is restricting it to only happen to certain binddn. I
imagine this would be at least somewhat dependent on the answer to the
first part. For instance, if you end up with slapo-rwm, you could probably
set some sort of binddn store/check (see "sophisticated example" in
slapo-rwm(5) man page).

If you get this working successfully, mailing back or FAQ-o-matic entry
might be in order, because I don't think this is the first time this
question has come up. I also want to insert some boilerplate here to the
effect of "this sort of stuff is a slippery slope to violating standard
schema/RFCs, be careful or at least mindful."

On Tue, 19 Jul 2005, Digant C Kasundra wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Is there a way I can rename an attribute before its returned?  I know
> dynlist can do dynamic expansion and you can tell it to rename
> attributes but how about on a per-bindDN basis?  Is there a way I can
> setup (perhaps where I have setup my access controls) something to say
> binddn1 can see attr=displayName but call it cn when you show it to him?
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