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Re: Goofy RedHat Problem

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John Klein wrote:
| On Tue, 6 Jul 2004, Andreas wrote:
|>>> It's the distro's fault to still ship 2.0.
|>>> 2.0 is not maintained anymore for ages.
|>> i have heard that argument before. it does not mean one can share
|>> one`s knowledge about problems and help each other.
|> One has also to consider that it's not always easy to upgrade such
|> an important component as openldap in a distro. Many many many programs
|> depend on openldap nowadays and can easily break unless they are updated
|> too. And that's when a new version of a distro comes out.

AFAIK, there have been no api changes in libldap since 2.1.x ...

| Permit me to gesture vaguely in the direction of Gentoo, which is using
| 2.1.26 somehow, despite dependencies. (And will shortly be using 2.1.30,
| according to ~x86 - in fact, it already is in some architectures.)

Please don't use generic software lists for distro wars.

(BTW, Mandrake shipped 2.1.29 in 10.0 with a few nice features, and I
hope we will manage 2.2.x for 10.1 ... - I note 2.1.26 also wasn't
tagged as a stable release ...).

| To put it more clearly: it's entirely understandable for distros to be a
| few versions behind for the reasons you cite. It's inexcusable for them
| to be /two and a half years/ behind[0],

two and a half years behind what? The first release of 2.1.x that was
marked as stable was only about 1 year ago, not long before RHEL3 would
have been in freeze.

| especially /because/ so much
| other software depends on things like OpenLDAP to function properly.
| Stability is not a strict linear progression with age - it's more like a
| parabolic curve.
| [0] Debian is using 2.0.23, last I checked. S'pose they might have
|     incremented it while I wasn't looking.

Which tree of Debian? I am quite sure unstable or testing will have
2.1.x ...


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