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Re: [debian-openldap] Re: your mail

* Roland Bauerschmidt (rb@debian.org) wrote:
> Stephen Frost wrote:
> > I'm tempted to ask what release *isn't* broken. :)  You're right tho,
> > we'll probably actually move to the latest stable when we do upload the
> > packages, I doubt they'll be much change.  Though we need to look for
> > ABI changes and whatnot and figure out how to handle them decently.
> I justed merged 2.1.29 into our repository (no conflicts). Test
> packages are being built at the moment. If those appear fine, I suggest
> that we upload them. Torsten, Stephan, what do you think?

Please be sure to test SSL, TLS ability with these packages.  If those
are working well for you then I'd say go ahead and upload it.  I'm
getting conflicting reports about the success of such at the moment.
They're working for me and for at least one or two other people, but
another person is getting segfaults, but he rebuilt the packages himself
so that might be a different issue.


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