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Re: My OpenLDAP doesn't listen to port 636 ...

Calvin Liu writes:
> ldapsearch ... -h marathon ...

I don't know much about certificates, but:

The client verifies that the hostname in the server certificate matches
the hostname it connects to.  So the ldapsearch command needs the full
hostname which the certificate contains.  That is, presumably
marathon.prc.sun.com.  At least I *hope* you have a fully qualified
hostname in the certificate...

I think you can get it displayed and possibly verified
with the commands
  openssl x509 -enddate -noout < certificate-file
or by connecting to the server with the
  openssl s_client ...
command.  ('openssl s_client help' displays help.)

> BTW, where can I find more information about OpenLDAP besides the 'Admin
> Guide'?

The manual pages.

LDAP tutorials in general for what to put in LDAP and how to use it.
Google will find them, I don't know which ones are good.