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Re: [debian-openldap] Re: your mail

> Stephen Frost wrote:
> > I'm tempted to ask what release *isn't* broken. :)  You're right tho,
> > we'll probably actually move to the latest stable when we do upload the
> > packages, I doubt they'll be much change.  Though we need to look for
> > ABI changes and whatnot and figure out how to handle them decently.
> I justed merged 2.1.29 into our repository (no conflicts). Test
> packages are being built at the moment. If those appear fine, I suggest
> that we upload them. Torsten, Stephan, what do you think?
> Roland

I have build my own source/binary deb packages for openldap 2.1.29, they
look working, however they're quite dirty. If someone interested, gimme a
clue - unfortunately I don't have time to play with my on unofficial
apt-source and related things. I've added to packages some tweaks like
enabling aci's with subtree patch from Peter Marschall, and similar, and
replaced backend to be built statically for reason I should remember, but
I don't :)