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Re: your mail

* Quanah Gibson-Mount (quanah@stanford.edu) wrote:
> >I've committed changes to the OpenLDAP Debian SVN tree which should fix
> >the gnutls10 problems.  I'd be interested in hearing more people testing
> >them, the (unofficial) packages are available here:
> >http://colo.snowman.net/~sfrost/openldap2/
> >Version 2.1.26-2.  We were waiting for some more testing of the packages
> >before uploading them to the archive.
> Wasn't 2.1.26 a fairly broken release? I'd advocate applying them to 2.1.29 
> and putting that into Debian, since that is what is currently marked stable.

I'm tempted to ask what release *isn't* broken. :)  You're right tho,
we'll probably actually move to the latest stable when we do upload the
packages, I doubt they'll be much change.  Though we need to look for
ABI changes and whatnot and figure out how to handle them decently.


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