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Re: your mail

* Chris McClimans (openldap-software@mcclimans.net) wrote:
> Who is the author of the gnu-tls patch for openldap? Stephen, should we 
> (debian users) funnel through you for communication to him?

The original author was Steve Langasek but I've made a number of changes
to the patch.  Bugs w/ the Debian package should be filed in the BTS.
Chances are I'll be the one handling them but it helps track them and
handle them when they're filed in the BTS.

> Has anyone else found a way to downgrade/modify what we currently have 
> in testing/sarge to work with the released code we have out there?

I've committed changes to the OpenLDAP Debian SVN tree which should fix
the gnutls10 problems.  I'd be interested in hearing more people testing
them, the (unofficial) packages are available here:
Version 2.1.26-2.  We were waiting for some more testing of the packages
before uploading them to the archive.


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