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slurpd syslog

I have discovered today that slurpd (2.1.27 on RH 9) has been running,
but hasn't sent anything to the replica servers in the past week.  A
recycle this morning and it sent a week's worth of updates.  So, I
figured this was a good time to upgrade to 2.1.29 :-)

In looking at how much work it would take to add some syslog output to
the slurpd code, I have stumbled across the fact that it is already
there.  Even the usage() routine says there is a -s argument, but there
was no code in args.c to actually process such an argument.

So, I've added some code and will be testing it, but thought I'd fire a
question out to the world to see if there was any particular reason
(like it makes all the servers withing a 25 foot radius of the ldap
server crash or some such) that the -s argument for slurpd was disabled
this way.

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