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Re: backing up: slapcat vs. ldapsearch vs. db_checkpoint

Kent L. Nasveschuk schrieb am Wednesday, den 07. April 2004:

> I read some of the postings on backups using slapcat and wondering if I
> am doing this correctly. I'm currently using ldbm as a backend to
> OpenLDAP. I've used slapcat without shutting down slapd, to an ldif
> file. Should I not be doing that? 

You *MUST* shut down slapd when using slapcat to an ldif file if you
are using back-ldbm, if you are using back-bdb you do not need to
shutdown slapd.

Ok, you don't *have* to shutdown, but you should know that if you
don't then you are asking for corruption and bad backups and who knows
what else.