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RE: Authenticate to OpenLDAP using PAM

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> I would like to authenticate to my OpenLDAP server in the same way I
> authenticate when I login (using PAM). After googling, I
> conclude most
> people are interested in the reverse: Using LDAP to authenticate when
> they login. I've also read
> "http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin22/security.html";, but it's
> not clear
> to what "user" and "password" correspond ...
> Specifically, can the "user" and "password" supplied to the "simple"
> OpenLDAP authentication method be checked using PAM?
> More generally, how can I authenticate to OpenLDAP using PAM?

Since PAM uses simple usernames and LDAP Simple Bind uses DNs, you need some
help to make this happen. Typically you would configure openldap
with --enable-spasswd and use {SASL} passwords, and point SASL off at PAM.

This is a pretty odd thing to want to do.

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