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RE: BDB recovery after power outage

On Apr 21 at 5:01pm, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

> The options available for the DB_CONFIG file are well documented at 
> SleepyCat software's website.  Simply going to their main page: 
> http://www.sleepycat.com/ and doing a search on DB_CONFIG returns those 
> options you can set.

Thank you, I seem to recall having problems with that search function in 
the past, so I have been ignoring it.  So, I tried it and yes, it brings 
up the dozen or so DB_ENV directives that have equivalent entries to put 

> As for time, I, quite frankly, have been working 60+ hour weeks recently 
> due to the impending failure of our Netscape servers, and myself don't have 
> the time (or privileges) to do any documentation for OpenLDAP.  It is in my 
> plans to put up a website describing our OpenLDAP environment, how we 
> configured things to work with Kerberos, etc, but I have not had the time 
> to do it, and probably won't for at least another month.

I'm sorry you are working so many hours.  I will refrain from 
retaliating that I am working 45-50 hours here for pay and then donating 
30+ hours to three charitable organizations per week, plus spending time 
(I won't call it quality time -- it's just time) with my kids as 

Permissions to do documentation?  So, not just anyone can do 
documentation?  I don't believe it.  It's open-source.  All we need to 
do is throw something together - post it to the Openldap-ITS list and it 
magically gets put into production (or refused).

Tell you what.  I don't think I have the knowledge required to do this, 
but from the shallowness that seems to be required based on the 
discussion so far, I will throw something together.  I won't guarantee 
it is correct, but at least it will be something that people can throw 
stones at and we just might come up with something that is useful.

Here's hoping you get a step ahead of those failing netscape servers and
I really do wish you all the best.

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