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RE: BDB recovery after power outage

--On Monday, April 21, 2003 7:32 PM -0400 Frank Swasey <Frank.Swasey@uvm.edu> wrote:

Today at 4:39pm, Igor Brezac wrote:
Yes, you are correct.  The problem I am having is this:

1) People are claiming on this list that the BDB Backend is great.
2) People are begging for information on how to get BDB Backend to work
    - the response has normally (I hesitate to say always) been:

Now, why is it that those people who are familiar with BDB and claim the
BDB Backend is so wonderful cannot take the little amount of time to put
together the documentation?  Are they lazy?  I doubt it.  I'm betting
they feel that it is so obvious (because they took whatever amount of
time it took them to read and re-read and digest the BDB documentation
-- or they've been using it for years) that anyone can figure it out.
The problem is that some of us don't seem to be able to gather
information from the BDB Documentation (because our brains just don't
seem to work in the same fashion as the people who put it together) and
others of us have never used BDB as a stand alone application (which is
really what the BDB Backend is doing) before and are trying to figure
this out on top of a heavy work load.

Either way, if someone would take the time to gather the information
into a place (like a one spot explanation of the options available in
the DB_CONFIG file), it would be a major help to us.

The options available for the DB_CONFIG file are well documented at SleepyCat software's website. Simply going to their main page: http://www.sleepycat.com/ and doing a search on DB_CONFIG returns those options you can set.

As for time, I, quite frankly, have been working 60+ hour weeks recently due to the impending failure of our Netscape servers, and myself don't have the time (or privileges) to do any documentation for OpenLDAP. It is in my plans to put up a website describing our OpenLDAP environment, how we configured things to work with Kerberos, etc, but I have not had the time to do it, and probably won't for at least another month.


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