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BDB database maintenance

I quote http://www.sleepycat.com/company/pdfs/newbdbrelationalwhite.pdf

Data Administration May Not Be Needed

Eliminating SQL often means eliminating or reducing database administration
costs, too. Berkeley DB installations seldom need a DBA. In many Berkeley DB
deployments, the end user may not even realize that a database component is
part of the product - how many cell phone users think about a data table
lookup when searching for a number in their personal address book?

Berkeley DB operates without end-user backups, installation, or tuning.

My question to the developers of back-bdb is why does the back-bdb use of
Berkeley DB require end-user backups and tuning?  This includes the
requirement to mananage the log files and to perform database recovery after
abnormal shutdown.

Is the Berkeley article just plain wrong?  Or is there something special
about back-bdb ?