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RE: BDB recovery after power outage

man, 21.04.2003 kl. 19.20 skrev Yelich, Scott D.:

> I think I have gone on long enough - but I hope
> everyone understands Frank's point.. and I hope
> some people at least read this far to see what
> my point was.

I'd maintain that there's doco enough. It needs reading and it needs the
mind of a Unix sysadmin, not an MCSA.

The problem is, who's to write the splendid doco that you'd like to see?
I understand that there's a new book out (O'Reilly), perhaps that would
fill the gap?

Do hope that this isn't taken as a personal attack, it's not meant as
such. Just that nobody ever taught me Unix, I learned it through my own
curiosity. Same as Openldap.




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