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Re: basic ldapsearch problem

fre, 2003-02-07 kl. 14:07 skrev Kuba Leszewski:

> I think there's something wrong with my english, beacuse it's not quite 
> the thing I asked for :-)

It is, you know. 

> My Sendmail also works. I mean it routes e-mail everywhere I want it to.
> That's not problem, and I don't have to switch to Exim for now I think :-)

You misunderstand. I'm not talking about routing mail in an smtp sense,
I'm talking about using Openldap as a source of data for addresses etc.
to use for the smtp routing of mail - and for many other smtp-related

Pierangelo answered the rest and told you the reasons. In short, you
can't do things the way you want, you have to do it as I said. Of course
you don't really have to switch to Exim, just adapt the principle to
Sendmail. However, I don't know one iota about Sendmail, let alone
combining it with LDAP.

> I hope everything is clear now.

Oh yes, thanks :-)

> I have one more question.
> What do You use for administration of LDAP directory ?
> Some web-tool, or maybe a stand-alone application ?

Several different things. The Openldap command tools, GQ, Ximian's
Evolution (honestly, even for address management), Horde's Turba (PHP4)
and stuff I write myself in PHP4. There's only one one, central DSA
(server, directory) and I use all those tools for management, though for
different purposes. Without Openldap, the machine on which I'm writing
this would be completely useless.




Tony Earnshaw

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