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Re: OpenLdap on Ensim, Plesk, Cpane

fre, 2003-02-07 kl. 14:15 skrev LDAP:

> Here is some more info: Server OS is Redhat 7.2, Ensim 3.1.4.

O.k. I didn't know ehat Ensim was, but I do now, since I searched and

1: Since this is a commercial, webhosting solution and support is
available, why don't you ask Ensim's support people?

> It's not really a problem of the version of OpenLdap (although we will try
> to get a more recent version), but rather a general problem with how to
> set up the database correctly and how to make it work for our
> requirements.

Since this seems to be a large operation for you, I really do suggest
you start at the top with Openldap 2.1.12 and current BDB database
libraries, not at the bottom, as you obviously are.

> There are multiple domains hosted on the one machine.  We would like to
> set ldap up so that it can be used by each of the different domains.  Does
> this require multiple databases?

No, that would be ridiculous. But since you give no details of what
exactly you are attempting, I'd wager few on this list could help.

Setting up different domains and allowing searches in trees of a common
DIT is perfectly feasible, but there's the question of whether you need
special schemas or whatever. Why can't Ensim's people help you?

> Multiple suffixes?  If so, how can we
> set this up. 

No, not necessary. A separate database for each domain? Not feasible.

> I have looked over the admin guide, but it does not give any
> interesting examples.

Obviously it doesn't. It's there to help people help themselves. To set
up your operation by yourself, without external help, is perfectly
possible - but it'll cost you weeks or months of learning, designing
trial and error.

> All there is in the admin guide is a description of
> the parameters and one extremely trivial example.  We need a more complex
> example to work with.

Ask Ensim.

> We basically want ldap set up so that one person can search on
> domain-x.com while a different person can search on domain-y.net (and so
> on).  I guess that one domain should not be able to query the other's data
> and the security credentials should be different for each domain.

Perfectly feasible, but will cost you time to learn about ACLs, regexes,
structure and so on.

> Any help would be much appreciated.  An example slapd.conf file would be
> wonderful ;)





Tony Earnshaw

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