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Re: basic ldapsearch problem

Thanks for reply.
I think there's something wrong with my english, beacuse it's not quite the thing I asked for :-)

My Sendmail also works. I mean it routes e-mail everywhere I want it to.
That's not problem, and I don't have to switch to Exim for now I think :-)

So what's the problem ?

let's say that each entry looks like this:
dn: uid=randomuid,dc=domain,dc=pl
objectClass: inetLocalMailRecipient
mailLocalAddress: name.surname@domain.pl
mailLocalAddress: name.surname@domain.com.pl
mailHost: destination.mailhost.pl

And I have 1000 of these entries in my directory.

Now let's say I want to find if there's alredy an entry with uid=sampleuid1.
Or I want to find all accounts (users) with name set to John.

Notice that these entries are not inetOrgPerson entries (or similar),
so I don't have separate cn,sn, givenName attributes.

Can I make such search ?
If not, why can't I ? What are the limits in specifying a filter for ldapsearch command ?

Why can't I set search filter to mailLocalAddres=John* ?

I hope everything is clear now.

I have one more question.
What do You use for administration of LDAP directory ?
Some web-tool, or maybe a stand-alone application ?